US torturers aren't fools, they're using their Gray matter

July 21, 2008US torturers aren't fools, they're using their Gray matterDavid Gray songs are being used on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Poor David Gray. MOR songster has had quite an upsetting week. Guantanamo Bay. The pre-publicity is dynamite. In that everyone has found it hilarious. Gray against his will is pretty much his job. That's What I Call Xmas! 24, is far more devastating. The Cavalry came on, so I could get an early break,” she sighed. Yes. Everyone's laughing at him. That is nothing but torture. And of course, you realise that Gray is right. Babylon before lunch. American military has discovered something important. David Gray single on repeat. I had considered the full facts. Gay Bomb. Common, against it. Peter Tatchell. War. Perhaps they would have to rename it the Theatre of Phwoargh. So is all this a cunning new move for the future of warfare? Whodunnits? Prison works. Contact our advertising team for advertising and sponsorship in Tim...
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